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Benefits other than design deliverables —

The difference between strategic success and failure is never compromised out of one crucial point or advantage.  
Many small advantages make a crucial difference in the quality of the service and final product.

Niche experience

Design outcome

We save your time

We will use the best tools

1. Niche experience

We are an agency this is specialized in design-only, that is our main focus and that’s where we invest our energy. The benefits of this are that we deliver high-quality CX, UX and UI. We have extensive experience in designing hundreds of mobile and web applications in the last 10 years.

We are focused on high-quality results in only one niche; customer experience.

Our lead designer has 10 years of experience with a proven track record of working with big (ZTE, Toptal) corporations and medium/small companies (Donorbox.org, Dekedigital, Mindmeet etc).

We have experience in the following CX design services:
– customer journey mapping
– customer research
– customer testing
– omnichannel implementation
– wireframe and visual design
– CX measurement system implementation

2. Design outcome

Except for the file assets and visuals, you will receive the following benefits. All of our designs are intuitive and easy to use. As a result, your app will have :
• quality conversion rate
• quality retention rate
• quality engagement rate

3. We save your time

We save your time by:
• asking the right questions
• performing competition research
• delivering wireframes and iterating quickly in the wireframe phase
• delivering high-quality documents, reports, and wireframes

4. We will use the best tools - Figma UX design app

Figma is currently the most advanced tool for UX design.  Some of the benefits include:
• you will always see the progress live
• incredible speed of the interaction prototype design – it saves almost 30% of the entire design time
• live collaboration on the design

5. Extensive user/usability testing experience

We can perform basic or advanced user testing. User testing gives us valuable info on how the user will actually use the interface and we usually experience unexpected user flow and usage patterns.

Besides design and client objectives, user testing gives us the answer to the objectives of the most important factor – actual users.

We have experience with qualitative and quantitative testing; how to segment customers, attract them to the user testing, ask unbiased questions and how interpret the results.

6. Proven Track record

Relax and be confident that you will achieve the best conversion, engagement and retention rates. As an example, we enhanced the Donorbox.org conversion rates by 200% after our redesign.

7. We achieve the client, customer and design quality goals

Our advice and solutions would be derived to support the goals of three main sides:
1. customer user experience
2. clients as stakeholder 
3. design agency high-quality standards.

We make sure all three sides goals are met; this assures a great quality and product success.

8. Successful clients prove the quality of our work

We or our agency designers have worked with major corporations, medium, and small companies throughout the last decade. All our designers are hand-picked 2% the best on the market.

” One of the best and most diligent agency that we’ve worked with. They have a pragmatic approach to implementing the latest design trends with careful attention to details

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